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Does your team perform as well as it could?

The performance of your team is driven by many different values. The results your team shall deliver are often at the far end of a longer process, making it difficult for you to countersteer if your team does not perform well. A team barometer periodically requests a given set of values from each team member and provides you with a snapshot of your team spirit. It allows you to detect trends and developments earlier and enables your team to deliver sustainable and stable performance.

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Who needs a team barometer?

Each team that cooperatively works on the same task can benefit from a team barometer. As well in projects as in line organizations.

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How does teampoll work?

Each team member is asked the same set of questions periodically. Team members provide their answers anonymously to avoid "political statements". You are setting the questions and the survey period in advance, e.g. four questions weekly. Team members can use any online device to answer the questions, each question provided with a scale between "completely disagree" to "completely agree".

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Which poll suits my team best?

Dependning on team size and number of questions teampoll offers different options for setting up a poll. teampoll is free of charge during beta testing.

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