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Does your team perform as well as it could?

The performance of your team is driven by many different values. The results your team shall deliver are often at the far end of a longer process, making it difficult for you to countersteer if your team does not perform well. A team barometer periodically requests a given set of values from each team member and provides you with a snapshot of your team spirit. It allows you to detect trends and developments earlier and enables your team to deliver sustainable and stable performance.

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Who needs a team barometer?

Are you leading a team? Or leading multiple teams? Permanently in a line organisation or temporarily in a project. teampoll enables you to learn how you team members evaluate project, spirit and chance of success. Who knows better than your team?

A team barometer is commonly used to track disposition and development of a team. Analogous to a barometer used for weather forecasts it shall anticipate the "atmospheric conditions" in the team and allows to make the sprit measurable and comparable. By using the team barometer, the team lead gains additional indicators, which allow early counter actions in case of deviations.

Leading a project? Then you should not focus only on team spirit, although it is a core indicator for the project's health. By measuring indicators at the base - your team - you should extend your opinion poll to questions and statements that go beyond simple "well-being" factors and instead target the entire project status. Not only the one-time result of a poll is relevant, but also the mid-term and long-term trend which results from the repeating polls.

The team barometer consists of a sinple set of statements. Each team member is periodically invited to evaluate the statements with his personal background

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