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Does your team perform as well as it could?

The performance of your team is driven by many different values. The results your team shall deliver are often at the far end of a longer process, making it difficult for you to countersteer if your team does not perform well. A team barometer periodically requests a given set of values from each team member and provides you with a snapshot of your team spirit. It allows you to detect trends and developments earlier and enables your team to deliver sustainable and stable performance.

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During beta testing teampoll is free of charge

teampoll offers to set up and monitor multiple independent teams. And this free of charge while in beta testing - just by accepting our general terms and conditions. teampoll might offer paid services in the future

Free OneTeam Base Enterprise
Number of team leads 1 1 1 on request
Number of team per team lead 1 1 2 on request
Number of members per team 5 20 20 on request
Number of questions per team 8 20 20 on request
Team lead self administration
Monthly fee 0 € 15 € 25 € on request
Additional team lead (extra cost) on request
Each additional team lead
Additional team (extra cost) on request
Each additional team 5 €

Monthly cost: teampoll is for fee during beta testing (until the first paid period)

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